Document sharing is an essential part of many business processes. It could be shared documents between internal teams, or documents that are distributed to prospects and clients. But it’s not only about ease of access to a document – there are several essential features that a good document-sharing platform should have.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small-scale, entrepreneurial business or a multinational corporation choosing the best document sharing software is essential for productivity. This is because not all users are tech-savvy, and selecting a tool that is easy to use by everyone can save time, cut down on frustration and boost efficiency.

Support for different formats of documents is an essential characteristic of a quality document sharing software. This means that there is no need to convert and lets everyone easily view and edit documents. In addition, the best online file-sharing platforms also have robust search functionality that allows users to find specific documents quickly and efficiently.

It’s a good idea find a platform that integrates with other business tools, like project management apps or CRMs, as well as email. This lets your team seamlessly utilize the same platform for all tasks, and improve workflows by reducing unnecessary switching between different tools.

You can track the documents that are opened by using an application that tags and tracks documents. This can eliminate the uncertainty of sharing processes, and keep important documents from getting lost in the clutter. Furthermore, some platforms even let you see the list of all participants’ screens at the bottom of a chat during live collaboration.

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